Abstract artwork's artistic approach

Like the automatist painters, Éléonore Paradis-Laperrière work first without really thinking to her project. In fact, she just throw or brush the paint on her support following her emotions. Most of the time, the artist only uses acrylic paint during that first step.


Abstract projects of Éléonore always take multiple layers. After the first one is dry, she takes back her work and chooses new mediums such as vitral paint, watercolor, ink or acrylic paint again. In opposit with the first step, Éléonore is now fully conscious of what she is doing. She uses her different mediums to accentuate some effect of movement or add perspective effects. She also chooses deliberately to put the focus on specific parts of her artwork. At the end, she works on the global look of her final product.


After all, the abstract paintings of Éléonore are almost all filled with movement and vitality. It's always possible to see in them multiple bright colors and dynamics.

Figurative artwork's artistic approach

First of all, there is a common point between all the figurative paintings of Éléonore : the subject. The artist is painting only birds when she is doing figuration. It's possible to see in her artwork birds at all the stages of their life. They can look healthy, sick or even dead. How the artist chooses to paint her birds often allows her art to be seen as engaged to the environment cause.

The multiple textures and mediums it's possible to see in figurative paintings of Éléonore make them stand out from others. In fact, one artwork can contain all those materials together : modeling paste, sand, acrylic paint, vitral paint, ink... 

Otherwise, Éléonore seems to give a big importance to her brush stroke. It's possible to see each lines or dots she added with her brush while watching her artwork. 



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